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英国UKCISA(UK Counil for International Student Affairs )根据英国高等教育统计局Higher Education Statistics Agency(HESA)最新统计数据发布International student statistics: UK higher education(国际学生统计:英国高等教育)。

2015-2016学年在英国高等教育的国际(非英国)学生(International (non-UK) students in UK HE in 2015-16)

1、81% of students studying in HE in the UK are from the UK. 6% are from the rest of the EU and 14% are from the rest of the world


2、46% of students studying at postgraduate level in the UK are from outside the EU.


3、The number of Chinese students far exceeds any other nationality at 91,215. This is the only country showing a significant increase in student numbers.


4、The number of Indian students coming to the UK to study continues to fall (44% decrease in the last five years).


5、在英国(Across the UK):

England has the highest number of students from outside the EU (14%)

Scotland has the highest number of students from the EU (not including UK) (9%)

Wales has had the largest decrease in numbers from students from outside the EU (11% drop since 2014-15)

Northern Ireland has seen a 7% decrease in students from outside the EU since 2014-15.

International students in UK HE by domicile, level and mode,European Union (EU) (excluding UK) and non-EU, 2015-16

Higher Education qualifications obtained in 2015-16

International student numbers by UK nation and English regions 2015-16

Sex of international students 2015-16

Top Ten non-EU sending countries

Top EU sending countries

International student numbers by subject area 2015-16

Top 20 largest recruiters of international students 2015-16

Students studying wholly overseas for a UK qualification

Level and location of study of students studying wholly overseas 2015-16 (top 10 countries)


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